"Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

   But wisdom comes by putting things together. "

               – John A. Morrison

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Skiing and Windsurfing

June 10, 2021

Children may not like balancing exsercise while you may try to please them. Nonetheless, the most favorable age to develop balance is 9-12, whereas the age of 10-11 is particularly sensitive. . .

Skiing tips - motion

- Circular motion comes into play when you cannot only use the geometry of skis   January 01, 2020


Hand movements are important because they contribute to dynamic equilibrium . . The best hand position is achieved when the fists are in front of, above and slightly wider than your hips. This is the most . . .

Ski preparation - Waxing skis

November 17, 2019


Prior to leaving the factory, the sliding surface of skis (plastic and edges) is protected by a coating of a thin layer of paraffin. Manufacturers do not imprint this paraffin into the network of channels which extend over the sliding surface. Owners might wax these . . .

August 18, 2019

Articles _ Windsurfing dynamic equilibrium

Everything becomes individual and independent. This can show us where we made mistakes during our process of growing up and actively and successfully correct it with our children or friends. If you are mature enough to look it over . . . 

Windsurfing for beginners _ traffic

August 16, 2019

In case there would be a boat or a small ship in the vicinity, I practically had panic attacks. Of course, in order to avoid someone coming your way, you can always release the boom and jump into the sea, but that seemed a cowardly act and I was ashamed to do it. In order to avoid doing that, I tried to simulate such a situation during my . . .

Bypassing a ship

June 30, 2019

After some time, the bypassing actually became fun and the crowd even became advantageous. Taking all these factors in consideration such as: the wind, the open sea, the waves, the place on shore where I should return and other surfers, their speed and course; made learning very dynamic and interesting . . .

Ski Dynamic equilibrium

January 03, 2019

Achieving such precision and fine sensory-motor apparatus

If we look at a pair of skis with bindings we will notice the bindings are shifted back from the middle of the skis. This is important to understand because it pushes us to lean forward . . .

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Ski balance

Ski tips for beginners

Windsurfing for beginners

Windsurfing traffic - windsurfing basics

 Windsurfing for beginners

Windsurfing balance

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Ski preparation

    Let’s get together in respecting the nature and using it for our peacefulness. Snow and water sports can give us some different experiences in a completely different environment and we believe in such a combination… high mountains, rivers and the sea. Each sport we practice has its own beauty and gives us a chance to enjoy ourselves. If we learn to love them, we will let our senses out and feel the challenges they offer. In this site we will write about different experiences and I hope you'll enjoy in both sides of our metaphoric altimeterWe would remind you about the importance of being in a good shape and surrounded by nature. Read about different sport challenges and enjoy.



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Dynamic balance and coordination - The ability to maintain balance is a key factor in sports such as skiing and windsurfing.


Fast walking or slow running - Regulating body weight


Control your fear - We will try to change your different thoughts about fears and uncomfortable situations caused by unknown sport challenges.


Mountain beauty - World′s beautiful places


SKI PERFORMANCE AND SKIING TIPS - Useful tips and stories about everything to do with skiing, ski equipment, mountain vacations and pre-season training.


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