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Long-lasting Positive Energy

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Both sides of our metaphoric altimeter

If you would like to ski no matter which level you achieve or how much money you have, every level has its own rules that you have to follow. Naturally, your willingness to ski is the key! If you have that the beauty and simplicity of skiing are yours.

Once you experience the cold fresh air, the mountain sun and most importantly, a long-lasting positive energy when you come back home, all the hardships of ski learning will disappear.

Another additional benefit might be the love for nature which is always around you with all its contradictions, beauties and harshness. On the other hand if you’re not so keen about the nature itself, but just want to learn or improve your skiing, the advises you can find here will help you through it. Step by step you'll realize progress. After going through a few of them you'll be only satisfied for your attempt to learn and overcome new skills. Improving your health will certainly be a contribution. Definitely, your desire to stay on a mountain or to exceed the number of days skiing would increase every year. I hope, someday your children and friends will recognize the beauty of skiing as well through your photos and stories.

Otherwise, water sports can give you some different experiences in a completely different environment and I believe in such a combination… high mountains, rivers and the sea.

Each sport we practice has its own beauty and gives us a chance to enjoy ourselves. If we learn to love them, we will let our senses out and feel the challenges they offer.

In this blog we will write about some other experiences and I hope you'll enjoy in both sides of our metaphoric altimeter ( Instrument for measuring elevation … : ) ).


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