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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Safety in the mountains

Mountain dangerous.

Advanced sport experiences - Adrenalin sports

Staying in a mountain and sports associated with mountains are activities with controlled risk. Alpinists, climbers, hikers, skiers and others who stay in mountains are faced with many risks and dangers caused by the nature itself, the mountain, as well as our personal mistakes. However, dangers in the mountains are predictable to the large extent and it is best to deal with them by good judgments, knowledge and skills. We reiterate that people should be aware of their environment – the mountain, which they should respect, and know at any moment how dangerous it is. That is when we actually talk about a controlled risk in whatever form. This risk must be accepted or otherwise we shouldn’t even go to the mountains. Once we understand the risks, once we get familiar with their consequences and how to predict, bypass and avoid them, how to overcome them and what to do . . . that is when we can say that we control our own safety.

There are a number of different aspects of control of safety (prevention, reaction, organization . . .), but one should not forget the most important thing, our mind or the intellect and our thinking which is our most important navigation instrument.


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