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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The importance of a good and efficient motivation and how to keep it.

All of us were hearing stories about motivation while we were growing up. We were motivated for learning, school, training, travelling, hobbies etc. Motivation stires us to do anything and without it we are unable to be successful in any way. The importance of a good and efficient motivation and how to keep it, regardless of circumstances, becomes essential. We meet motivation factors all over and just need to recognize them and be careful because some of them might have a reverse effect. Our expectations can become unrealistic and take us into disappointment.

I'm sure everyone has been in a situation to try a several attempts to do something without reaching a desirable result. Those are normal situations and we ought to overcome them and find another challenge.

Sometimes we have some secret passion and we have to assert ourselves, be who we are or reach a certain reputation. Also, we saw commercials, as a matter of fact many of them, with successful guys/girls on different sport challenges where everything looks great and easy. According to a principle, very often we wish to repeat only those extreme challenges. Some of those commercials mislead us about hardness of reaching presented challenges. However, most of them do one thing very well for sure, they definitely motivated us to experience something new. That is enough for a start,

That is enough for a start, but if we decide to try any of those challenges and improve our skills about them to the level of satisfaction, we must prepare ourselves and go there whether we prefer a mountain, a river, the sea or any other ambient. Preparing ourselves is very important as otherwise we probably risk from ending with some injuries or from having an accident.

Besides, we need more of our precious time and if we don't feel any progress, we might be very disappointed. It takes more sacrifice, will and time which the majority can't bear. After all, that would be the reason why some of those challenges don't become massive! It would be the only reason, why the people who really reach advanced level are so special. They show persistence, authenticity, strength of will, they must be there on the sea with the wind or on the mountain with the terrible weather and they need hours and hours of practicing to realize that. Nevertheless, we don't need to be professionals in any of those sports or extremes. We should try to enjoy and have fun while practicing as well. If we do recognize a talent it is great, but if don't.....big deal! We spent time with friends and probably had a good day full of laughter. We only need to follow the instructions and have someone experienced as a guide (instructor). Of course, a good advice is priceless!

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