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Sport and Wisdom

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Two things are important in order to comprehend wisdom in a sport field: knowledge and action.

I need to make an introduction to something important which must be easy to understand for all of you without any incomprehensible issues in between. I have been using word and term 'wisdom' to refer to a meaning that most of you never used before. Wisdom as I see is an idea of how to improve your understanding of sport challenges and how to get into it. Two things are important in order to comprehend wisdom in a sport field: knowledge and action. Knowledge is very important and all of us should always try to learn more. For some reason knowledge is not enough for you to overcome a specific situation. Action alone is also insufficient and after a few of unsuccessful attempts we often lose interest and give up.

When we decide to ski for an example, before going to an instructor, we must learn about skiing, read about it and try to find out as much as we can about it.

After having learnt a lot about it we have to try skiing out on a mountain, we should go on a mountain and through an action gain experience and step by step be wiser. Every day of our trying, we grasp something new and we feel differently about a whole concept of skiing, even if we knew already, at least theoretically, all that should come along. At the end of a season when you think of what you were like at the beginning a few months before, you'll recognize a change of your mind.

Experiences gained give you wisdom. When we try more, our activity makes us better prepared for some more learning and through this circle we become wiser.

We don’t reach wisdom if we only take lessons or if we go take an action without knowing more about it. We may find some evidence in distinguished situations from our lives and our own experiences. For example, we may have a great knowledge about something we never experienced in an action. Maybe by attempting such an action our life would be filled with satisfaction and be more complete than we have imagined. Gaining wisdom will become our own task, no one could do it but us. With those things life would be better and no one can make you wiser but yourself. During 'lessons and learning period', when we prepare ourselves for new challenges we can learn what is acceptable for our category of beginners, how we gain our experience and build up our firmness and pleasure. Pleasure will become a part of our lives not only during our ski vacations. If we are ready for accomplishment, we can experience all these emotions


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