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Victories and defeats of instant champions

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Instant solutions and scapegoats

We all experience a personal or professional rise at some stage when recognition, positive events and favorable circumstances alternate. But when things go wrong, usually an avalanche of negative events is started. Professionals who achieve a huge and rapid success over a short period sometimes don’t understand the circumstances that affected their great start.

Very often a successful outcome is a result of great timing, favorable circumstances and pure luck.

However, when problems arise and when we experience failure, people usually don’t see the causes that led to the fall, just as they were not aware of the factors that sent them to the sky. Instead of staying motivated and continuing to perform the activities with optimism and self-confidence, instant champions become swamp with negative energy not knowing how to cope with it. Most often they seek for instant solutions and scapegoats – some blame themselves, whereas the others blame their environment.

When things go wrong it is necessary first of all to accept the situation we are in, admit that we are in crisis and only afterwards define what led to the crisis – as a result of external factors that we cannot influence or as a result of internal emotions and attitudes under our control.

If the crisis is caused by external circumstances, it is necessary to analyse the situation and identify flaws, strengths, opportunities and threats.

Personal emotions as opposed to external factors can be held under control and we will later discuss how to realize personal balance and emotional stability. We should not forget that we gather valuable experience in critical situations, which put us in a unique position, although passing through a crisis is painful and has a high price.


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