Windsurfing is one of the most complete sports. It develops a sense of independence, the control of one’s emotions and the shift of one’s boundaries and possibilities. For this reason it can be considered a very adrenalin sports. It activates all the muscle groups and develops all the above mentioned motor skills: proprioception, coordination and dynamic balance. A requirement for windsurfing is learning the techniques of swimming as one of the healthiest sports for development and maintenance of healthy bodies. Additional benefit could also be seen in a positive relation and respect for nature as indispensible for the development of a healthy personality.

            Windsurfers need tailwind to maintain balance. For this reason, everything that was mentioned in the introduction is important for the understanding of successful coordination and maintaining balance. Every beginner must find this balance in accordance with their possibilities and abilities. Intuition is also essential, whilst a natural talent makes everything easier. Isn’t that amazing! In fact, by practicing the dynamic balance with the sail or rig, to be more precise ) in the open sea or lake we uncover ourselves. Everything natural, trained, untrained, well done in the childhood or insufficiently developed in us, comes to the fore. We may become aware of it and correct our capabilities accordingly. We may discover that we need much more time to practice if we haven’t developed these qualities on time. The fact is that most beginners need weeks and even months of training, which shouldn’t discourage you. The first improvement is felt after a few days of surfing.

            Everything becomes individual and independent. This can show us where we made mistakes during our process of growing up and actively and successfully correct it with our children or friends. If you are mature enough to look it over, I am sure that in this case there will be no adverse transferring of unrealised ambitions to the children, but a healthy corrective and timely action to develop their skills. Think about a period in the development of children of the age of two that we mentioned in the introduction and whether your children are really in safe hands when it comes to developing coordination and balance? Have you done enough or you somehow missed this period? Of course, natural talent can still do everything for us and replace all the initial effort, but believe me it is not quite common. After all even if talent is present, why not develop it from the very beginning up to the level of superiority. A person brought up like that will certainly be thankful when they become aware of the benefits they have when they enjoy sailing or skiing over mountain tops (perhaps also in successfully playing tennis or enjoying kayaking and rowing sports challenges!)

            How to manipulate body, wind, sail and board and stay in an upright position?

The essence of everything is our basic equilibrium that we have to create. We achieve it with several movements depending on the strength of wind and the size of waves.  If the wind is weaker, the balance is achieved by moving our body into a slight crouch and shifting the centre of gravity towards the centre of the board, as well as by capturing more wind into the sail. If the wind force on the sail becomes too strong and we feel ourselves being pulled over to windward, we should ease the sail and prevent the wind to fill that sail. These two situations happen constantly when sailing and more experienced surfers perform them automatically.

  The core is not to let the sail give just the power necessary to move the board over the water surface but it is essential for maintaining our balance at the board. To do this successfully, we must master and control our heavy rig (sail, mast and boom) in the wind and waves. In the very beginning, it is also important to prepare oneself for dragging the rig out of the water often, which can be frustrating for this period of exercising and the first steps in windsurfing; one should be in good shape. Do not worry! Later the number of such falls into the water drastically reduces in accordance with our progress.

            Have you already thought about this challenge? It’s also a lot of fun. Don’t let the lack of knowledge about a sport take you away from it. Read about sports challenges and through your own practical experience and that of the others, seek for your balance in life through sports.

Find your own balance and enjoy life! 

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