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       In what way do the wind and windsurfing affect you?

The thing that is common to all those who feel and recognise the beauties of windsurfing is that nothing can be compared to this incredible subjective feeling. Although there is the fear of wind or water, developing an interaction with the nature is unique.

       How can we learn to unite the wind, water and ourselves?

I’ll transfer myself back in thoughts into a totally unpredictable situation which happened to me a few years ago and convey my impressions. It was this unique experience that should have deterred me from this sport, but that didn’t and conclude why!


       “All of a sudden, the waves became larger. I must have missed to notice a ship that went by in the vicinity and ruffled the surface. And the wind…it looks as if nothing I do works. It strikes the sail from straight ahead. What is going on?” thoughts were emerging swiftly one after another like never before. “I’ve experienced bigger waves before and I’ve felt a stronger wind. It’s as if I was doing everything wrong.” The new strike of wind straight to the sail from the opposite side and I was overturned into the sea. I was trying to pull myself together and to get ready to stand on the board for the final half an hour of surfing and I became aware of the change. The wind suddenly started to blow from a completely opposite side and it started shifting me and my equipment through the waves that were certainly not as naive as before. A moment of panic from several minutes ago turned into an endless nightmare. “What shall I do?” The next few moments were a real test. As I climbed up the board, I kept telling myself: “Everything will be all right”, while my thoughts were a complete mess. I felt the danger since I was unable to pull the sail out of the water. While trying to do that, I realized I was about fifty metres away from my initial position. “Is it possible that this has been going on for so long or is the wind really that strong?” Then, I suddenly realized. “I have to go back to the shore, wherever, not necessarily back to where I left off.” This calmed me immediately and I managed to get the sail out of the water. The wind was getting stronger and more unpredictable. It started changing directions and strength very frequently. I have never experienced that before.


Suddenly, the whole point of windsurfing went through my mind. I have to be right here in this moment and adjust to the current situation. I had imagined a similar and as complicated a situation and I had planned it for some other moment in the future, but right at that moment I had no choice and I had to take the situation as a “trial by fire”. This was simply it, this is that sport. I looked at other surfers around and I noticed that they had similar reactions, probably depending on their previous experience. In fact, I started to realize that I was fighting with myself and that I have nothing to do with the others, everyone was going through this their own way. I started reacting by instinct and accepting the whole situation: With one hand I held the boom quite strongly and with the other I started to release and drag the sail towards me cooperating with the wind. Incredibly, I felt like getting hold of my gear and so I tried to “wriggle” towards the cost. It worked and I finally felt I got my breath back. The board began to slide and break the waves at a higher speed. At that point I thought I might be able to return to my starting position. I was overwhelmed with a very strong sense of self confidence and desire, but the moving of the mast slightly backward and to one side caused my instability once again and only by exerting my last efforts I remained on the board. “I cannot afford myself to fall into the water again, I have to adjust the direction of movement more carefully.” Shortly after several minimal corrections of the direction, I noticed that I was going towards the point of my aspiration, but I already approached the coast and I had to make the turning angle extremely possible. It all got to me and I was surprised by my reaction. “This is incredible, what is this feeling, what is happening to me?!” I felt a strong adrenalin rush and all the hardships and fears disappeared. There was no longer any doubt inside me, or anything that would bother me. I wasn’t afraid of another fall into the water or of sudden gusts of wind and the place I was to return to. It all became irrelevant, except that feeling that I wanted to last as long as possible.

       I managed to adjust to the wind, the sea, the sail and the cost…I felt the ecstasy, the same that I feel about my favourite winter sport, much mentioned on the pages of this website.


       The situation made me let go and cooperate with the nature and seek balance. Windsurfing is so incredible and special. Although you may be a beginner, it will complete you in such an interesting way and make you enjoy yourself. It can change you forever, in a positive way.              Search for your good wind and your balance !

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