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    Testing skis - Part VII


     Völkl - 2014/15


     Völkl decided to make progress in all segments in the new 2014/15 season, such as the new 'Speedwall multilayer woodcore' structure, easier V-Werks core, new bindings and additional improvements such as "UVO" technology.

The 'UVO 360°' technology, or 'Ultimate vibration object', is what makes Völkl different from other manufacturers in a way that, in order to reduce vibration of the front part of the ski, it uses a kind of an adapter which, similar to the tennis 'vibrastop', reduces vibration while skiing. The addition 360° indicates the principle of work in which the adapter contains floating elements in the interior and its movement is caused by external forces while skiing. As the front of the skis next to the edge carries the most weight, in all axel directions, even the smallest vibration reduces the apparent contact between the edge and the ski base, thus loosing stability. Floating elements in that case create a counter force, i.e. reduce vibration. Such a solution creates for the engineers a free space in the ski core construction, where more free space is left for improvement of other things (torsion and flexural rigidity, ski agility) certainly, with a possibility of a more desirable weight reduction.

The novelty that came out of this was a multilayer wood core (Speedwall multilayer wood core) with the central part made of lighter wood, in order to save on weight, whilst segments along the edges are made of dense wood, which again improves torsional rigidity and reduces distortion. Given that other manufacturers made these segments separate structures, Völkl was the first one who decided to merge them into one, gaining quality of the transfer of load to the base and reducing the weight. Additional weight savings were achieved by Völkl by using new bindings, rMotion 2, which are 200g lighter than the last year’s. The result was a reduced weight of the entire structure which leads to easier manoeuvrability, and as UVO adapter is placed close to the top of the skis, and as such reducing unwanted vibration, the top of the ski is slightly lowered (Speed tip) so the edging surface is higher, thus resulting in a greater skiing stability.



     In order for the results to be used we have to know the criteria which determine the quality level of skier

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