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    Testing skis - Part VI


     Rossignol - 2014/15


     The French thoroughly redesigned the competitive class of skis for season 2014/15. From now on, it has a distinctive signature „HERO”. The novelty is the so-called Prop Tech ski top, with an insert of Alu alloys hidden behind the name, "cut" along the ski length. Rossignol engineers created it incited by the new FIS regulations regarding the radius of giant slalom skis, and as such it should enable an easier turn, direct transfer of power and better control over the skis. It is divided into three lines:  

·         FIS (FIS approved for competition),

·         Master (for amateur contestants and veterans),

·         Elite (for excellent skiers).


     Protective colour is bright red and they are recognizable by a large inscription "HERO" at the front part of the skis. Top models that you can find on store shelves are Hero Elite ST and LT where ST stands for "short turn", and LT for "long turn", depending on whether you prefer narrow or wider turns. FIS and Master models will mostly be required for competitions by ski club members. They come in two versions of bindings, therefore the addition to the name – Racing or Ti. Basic 'Elite ST and LT' are somewhat easier slalom and giant slalom models which may be adequate for lighter skiers. 'Wannabe' race models are painted in black (they also have a distinct label HERO). These are models Hero Elite SX Carbon and Sport with the width and radius that can satisfy a broader population of technically more demanding skiers.


     Other technical features are the same as last year. There are several types of rocker models depending on the purpose of skis (Auto Turn rocker, Powder Turn rocker, Power Turn rocker). Stronger models have a sandwich structure and different forms and ski top constructions (Slant Nose, Cascade Tip, Jib Tip, Air Tip).


     In order for the results to be used we have to know the criteria which determine the quality level of skier

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