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    Testing skis - Part I 


      As we have already written in previous texts (Choosing skis), the best way of choosing skis we want is by testing as many models as possible. Testing only the newest models is not always the best thing to do, as some models stay up-to-date for several years. This means that it is necessary to test some ski models for a number of seasons and in such a way gain necessary experience to recognise our wishes and adapt to the model we have at our disposal. As the winter period approaches, the time when 'Season opening weekends' would become active is practically already here!

   Read reviews and prepare yourselves for testing skis and we shall publish some of our previous analysis and reviews in the short text that follows, as an introduction to the new season of 2014/2015.



   Previous advances in technology represent a kind of a “boom” in the field of ski making technology. This refers exclusively to the new V-Shape method of making “BBR” ski models, which expanded this year to several mentioned ski models. The above-mentioned V-Shape design, after the initial positive reviews was declared a sort of a revolution in ski making and is winning more supporters. The idea itself was found in “surf boards”, with their perfect buoyancy on water serving as an inspiration in designing V-Shape skis. Skis that are made according to the V-Shape rules are very recognizable. The top of the ski is wide, whilst the tail is narrow, like a surf board or the letter “V”, with exactly the same symbolism in the very title of this technology.



   Since 2005, the Atomic has started implementing in its ski production a new technological process called “Nanotechnology”. This is the process by which the molecular structure changes so drastically in only-one-micron-thick layers that they become 50 times harder and at the same time 50 lighter than steel. By applying this technology it is possible to get a lighter ski without reducing the longitudinal hardness and torsional stiffness.

   The rocker technology is deeply rooted in all classes of Atomic skis. Nowadays they can be found even in the racing class, where they have been unknown so far. Therefore, for the upcoming season, Atomic Rocker technology has been classified in three categories: “Piste Rocker, All-mountain Rocker and Powder Rocker”, with All-mountain and Powder further being categorised in two types, with the only difference in whether the tail of the ski is raised or not. Doubledeck is a technology that has been governing Atomic for several years already and it seems it would be present for some time. The thing is that there is an additional panel placed on the ski, with a primary purpose in absorbing vibration, ensuring tranquillity at higher speed and flexural rigidity. 


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