Control your fear


       If you have not been skiing so far, think about the following.


       Try to give yourself a task to go on a mountain the next two winters and take a few skiing lessons. You will be thinking about a number of things during the first two winter weekends. You will be looking for excuses in your duties, urgent jobs, and a fact that it is late or that perhaps you don’t have enough money. Of course there is a fear of unknown and an inevitable fact that you might perhaps hurt yourself, even seriously! All this is normal and probably justified, but one of the many nights spent thinking about this, you’ll come to a conclusion that the others have the same doubts and the same risk, but they still go on mountains and enjoy. It is not absolutely obligatory for me to go tomorrow or next week, but after that I must do it! This kind of thinking and postponement will at some point make you feel uncomfortable and remorse because you’re putting this trip off. Well, you can’t be so much worse than everyone else. This is the moment when the weight on the scale slowly moves towards the side of attempting the trip and towards the sense of success for having convinced yourself to do it. Everything that comes after is much simpler. Certified instructors or travel agencies will do most of the work and put all the risks down to a minimum. All you have to do is gather information, exercise and adopt them. Fatigue after a few hours with a licensed instructor will direct you on a well-deserved vacation and to enjoying mountain sun in one of the cafés or restaurants at 2000 m. This will recharge your batteries so that you will wait for the following skiing steps (i.e. plough skiing) impatiently...that’s it, a new sporting challenge is overcome. Good luck with the coming winter and be wise.

As we like to say, learning and analysing first, then attempting and training and eventually gaining experience and wisdom. Time-consuming process in all its phases has a certain charm. Enjoy all the stages of your sport travel.


      In the same way, think about surfing or rafting for instance. Honestly, it took me a couple of seasons and summer vacations to gather the strength and determination to try windsurfing. After several classes and after working with an instructor, all my fears were gone. I felt satisfaction with my new challenge and my solo battle with the sea, sails and waves could begin...Read more about this type of challenges on our page “follow your desires.











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