Sport's training activities

breathing in swimming
breathing in swimming
breathing in swimming
breathing in swimming
training activities
training activities
Fast walking

Sport Wisdom, May 2014


One of the main ways of recreation and physical activity, unavoidable throughout the whole year, is fast walking!

 As opposed to running, fast walking has a significantly smaller impact on joints, and for this reason it is very suitable for people of middle age or older. It is recommended to all those who because of a health risk are banned to engage in other sports such as heart patients, people suffering from high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, pulmonary patients. It is recommended to people who spend most of their time indoors or those who do not move a lot for whatever reason.

Slow running

Sport Wisdom, June 2014


We will give some basic information about slow running as an ideal way of getting rid of unwanted body fat.  

A slow running will make you feel good during the run and you can also chat freely to a friend along the way.

It is necessary to pay attention to the intensity of training for weight loss, as opposed to the effect to be achieved. Hereby we would like to highlight the following:

Human body under light load uses fat mostly as its energy and stores glycogen for large and fast load.

Mountain biking

Sport Wisdom, October 2014


One of the main ways of recreation and physical activity in pre-season period is mountain biking.

It is practically almost impossible to prepare for a new ski season without taking an occasional bike ride through a forest environment. Mountain biking has been going through a huge expansion for years and it is becoming indispensable for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. To begin with, we recommend a ride through some specially designed trails or a smaller climb up a nearby hill. The benefits of such a preparation for a ski season are vast, from cardio-vascular activities to strengthening leg muscles and doses of adrenalin that will grow over time.

Breathing in swimming -

Sport Wisdom, June 2015


Boating, rafting and windsurfing await us, but do not go physically unprepared. Being the most complete and the healthiest of sports, swimming unavoidably requires pre-season training. . . .



Lactates - 

Sport Wisdom, February 2015


Lactates are a huge problem during day-long physical activities. Skiing is a sport that cannot avoid the accumulation of lactate in muscles, but it can reduce it to its minimum. This is essential for a proper assessment of a daily physical activity and thereby for a predication of recovery period (i.e. impact of metabolic systems). It is important to keep exercising the activities in aerobic energy regime during daily skiing activities (under the anaerobic threshold). 

Running - 

Sport Wisdom, May 2015


Running or taking long walks are a nightmare for some people that takes them back to the physical training during school years, whereas for some, it is the simplest way to maintain fitness and body weight.

         For our ancestors, running was a way of survival . . . 

The advantages of swimming -

Sport Wisdom, August 2015


Based on a study of the Institute for Educational Research at Griffith University in Australia, swimmers under the age of five are smarter that their peers who don’t practice this sport. After testing more than 7.000 children under the age of five in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, it was concluded. . . .




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Zone of extensive aerobic training -

Sport Wisdom, November 2015


The programming of sports training depends on the importance of energy systems in a particular sport. In order to estimate the amount of and the importance of aerobic and anaerobic energy system in any sport, it is necessary to consider all factors of a specific sport discipline. By varying the three basic elements of training effort (frequency, duration and intensity) we can . . .



Zone of extensive aerobic training, Part II - 

Sport Wisdom, December 2015


Useful changes in our body.

For the preseason of skiers, we suggest the aerobic training zone – the intensity in this zone is low, approximately 65% - 80% off the anaerobic threshold (long jogging, cycling, etc.). It is a training zone that serves to build, and possibly . . .