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Testing skis - Ski test _ part I


As we have already written in previous texts (Choosing skis), the best way of choosing skis we want is by testing as many models as possible. Testing only the newest models is not always the best thing to do, as some models stay up-to-date for several years . . .

Testing skis - Ski test _ part II


The most reliable testing is organized by German Ski Association (DSV). Ski testing is carried out by former ski racers and renowned ski instructors strictly adhering to protocols that clearly define testing criteria. Testing results are regularly published in magazines of SDV: 'Ski magazine', 'Ski active' . .

Testing skis - Ski test _ part III


Shorter skis (with some exceptions) have a smaller radius, they access turns faster and easier and are suitable for small-radius turns. In bended turns (large-radius turns) and flat passages, longer skis provide a skier with greater comfort.

Testing skis - Ski test _ part IV


Atomic Redster GS

        A complete ski for the majority of ski run conditions. Maximum stability and manageability discloses superior technology used in its production . . .

Testing skis - Ski test _ part V


Rossignol Radical 8GS

         A superior slalom ski. Edges hold on perfectly in turns. Rocker gives it even better stability even on a slope with snow remnants, so the complete experience of pleasure is up to its highest level . . .

Testing skis - Ski test _ part VI


The French thoroughly redesigned the competitive class of skis for season 2014/15. From now on, it has a distinctive signature „HERO”. The novelty is the so-called Prop Tech ski top, with an insert of Alu alloys hidden behind the name, "cut" along the ski length . .

Testing skis - Ski test _ part VII


Völkl decided to make progress in all segments in the new 2014/15 season, such as the new 'Speedwall multilayer woodcore' structure, easier V-Werks core, new bindings and additional improvements such as "UVO" technology. . .