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         While surfing, we experience an emotion that is very specific to sports that are in direct contact with nature and its laws. All our other thoughts disappear, taking away all the worries with them as well. If we abandon ourselves to this feeling we get into the state of consciousness that is inherent only to extreme sports with an over-expressed connection with the nature. Windsurfing is surely one such sport. What we further believe is important to highlight is the 'sense of time' which becomes vague and irrelevant and which often causes problems because we need some external warning that we exaggerated with sailing and that we should go ashore. The reason for this is probably that feeling of emptiness and the lack of self-awareness that occurs and which suddenly fills us with a 'specific' feeling and overwhelms all our senses the next moment. Windsurfing does this to us in a very subtle way that we become seduced and we fail to concentrate on anything else rather than surfing. The only feeling that governs our senses is so real, true and accessible to both professional surfers and beginners, which is what makes it appealing as it stands out among other sports. We can immediately enjoy this, practically after overcoming the basic steps, whilst the level of our knowledge and ability will soon get the tailwind and a motive for constant shift of boundaries, as well as mastering and advancing the technique. Although advancing and mastering the technique requires enormous energy and effort, all this is somehow irrelevant, because after each day in the water we are filled with that ‘specific’ feeling which forces us into new efforts  and into a new ‘tide of senses’ the next day. This tide is cause by the unpredictable, non-commercial, unknown, by something that is beyond the reach of an individual, but still desired. Nevertheless, when the wind whips through your body, when it whips through your soul, sometimes you feel that supernatural sense of being at one with nature, at one with the sea, and at one with the world.

        To avoid any misunderstanding, the images of windsurfing we bring here are commercialized, as the ideals of freedom and youth are practically unavoidable in the context of sport and motivation. However, when all things considered, it is a very demanding activity that is anything but superficial, and superficiality is particularly valued in this fast-paced and dynamic way of life. It seems to me that this is the key reason why the spirit of windsurfing will indefinitely resist and provide genuine satisfaction and state of mind only to those who truly understand, feel and who are willing to sacrifice and those who are worth it ! 


Search for your good wind and your balance !

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