Training activities - Slow running II

      Here are a few examples for comparison.


Start with a 10-min slow walking to warm up the muscles. Then alternate between a 5min fast walk and a 3min slow walk. By time, extend the interval of duration of fast walking. Always end with a slow walking pace.

This is a fun outdoor activity that strengthens your leg, buttocks, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Spine relaxation and positive effects on all body muscles.

Calories burnt in 1 hour


Under the speed of  5km/h a on flat surface:  from 330 to 420 kcal


Uphill:  from 660 to 900

From 600 to 900 kcal

From 550 to 750 kcal


Hiking /walking

Riding a bicycle


Running - swimming

Number of hours necessary for losing 1kg of body weight


- on flat surface from 16 to 21 hours


- uphill  from 7 to 10 hours

From 11 to 23 hours

From 9 to 13 hours

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