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    Slow running as an excellent way of getting rid of excess body fat



       Besides what we’ve already said about fast walking, we will give some basic information about slow running as an ideal way of getting rid of unwanted body fat.  

Running burns more calories from fat than any other form of cardiovascular exercise. The only form of exercise that is comparable to running by the number of calories burnt is the cross-country or what you call Nordic skiing.

        It is necessary to pay attention to the intensity of training for weight loss, as opposed to the effect to be achieved. Hereby we would like to highlight the following:

Human body under light load uses fat mostly as its energy and stores glycogen for large and fast load.

When you train with 50% of your maximum heart rate, approximately 90% of calories that are burnt come from fat. If you increase the intensity of training to 75% out of the maximum heart rate, then the use of fat in the overall energy is 60%. The rest of calories come from carbohydrates and proteins.

A more intensive training at higher pulse reduces fat burning. In order to explain this we will use an example workout for weight loss:

A half-hour workout at low intensity with heart rate at 50% of your maximum pulse burns 250 calories in total. Since 90% of this energy comes from fat, this means that you burn 225 calories from fat.

If, however, you train with load with your heart rate at 75% of its maximum, you’ll use up to 447 kcal in total in half an hour. Since 60% of that comes from fat, you’ll burn 268 kcal from fat. The difference in calories burnt is insignificant as opposed to the load that must be maintained during the whole half-an-hour workout.


        This leads to a following conclusion: although fast running burns more fat, it is difficult to maintain high intensity of workout. This further leads to a likely shortening of the duration of workout. In addition to the reduced duration of workout, there is an increasing possibility of injury under large efforts.

        A slow running will make you feel good during the run and you can also chat freely to a friend along the way. Breathing should be natural and without too much panting. Otherwise you should immediately slow down.


       All this clearly indicates the following – in order to lose weight,  

                                                                                  take slow and long runs!












Maximum heart rate can easily be measured in the following way:

220 beats per minute minus your age = your maximum heart rate.


Slow running should be used as the simplest way to maintain physical

fitness and stay slim and therefore remove excess weight.



Slow running

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