Skiing Tips

"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom."    

 – Francis Bacon

Save yourself from injuries

        On this page we would make available for you many useful tips about everything to do with skiing and ski equipment from beginners to advance. We have tried to represent as much as we think is necessary for progress of all groups of skiers. Just like other skiers we also have our own list of important staff and we would try to explain and convince others why we made such decisions. Naturally, we read sites with the same or similar topics. On page related links see who our favourite hosts are. Our first preoccupation is safe skiing and we will write more about it during all seasons because we believe in preventive actions through advices and rules. Please enjoy and read what we have to offer.

       If you once were a good skier, but are taking a break and you need to take some more ski lessons to get back into it and start enjoying it again, the tips and recommendations that you can find on this site can surely help you. Never shut away from new techniques and advices, always look out for more and be wise.


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