Skiing Tips

"Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

   But wisdom comes by putting things together. "

                         – John A. Morrison

Save yourself from injuries - INTERMEDIATE




    This category of skiers has more members than others. Moreover, they are probably already enjoying, skiing good and having more fun during their vacation. They were learning and improving a lot during years of skiing and they picked up more knowledge and experience throughout. If you are at an intermediate level (recreational) and want to be skilled, you should achieve more progress. You probably know that, but have made mistakes and here are some tips for you. Intermediate skier doesn’t have to worry about the basics, but he has a more specific trap at his/her 'path'. They need to feel progress and sometimes risk more than you usually do or more than is necessary.

    Pacing yourself at altitude is a wise decision. Start the ski day with easy warm-up runs, and generally try to take a more relaxed approach to your skiing. If you plan to take on a more difficult section of the mountain, or to ski a popular off-piste run that you must hike to, delay these efforts until you have been at the area for two days if possible. This will give your body time to acclimate as you go to higher altitudes during the day, and then sleep at a lower altitude during the night. In most cases, you will benefit from easy skiing the first two days, and then you can increase your activity level for the rest of your vacation.