Save yourself from injuries

        Intermediate skiers don’t have to worry about the basics, but they have a more specific trap at their 'path'. They need to feel progress and sometimes risk more than one usually does or more than is necessary. Let’s consider the risk ! Carving skiing has several originalities, but the essence is the same. Carving technique has progressed with time and it has changed with regards to an old techniques, thus skiing became easier. If you have a problem with adjusting to the new style of skiing, when you overcome it, you'll enjoy for sure. You should practice the new technique slowly, step by step. If you learnt how to ski before when we had straight edge skis, you should take a period of adjustment. Moreover, maybe you learnt something wrongly, which means you need to recognize the irregularity. Take intermediate lessons, read about skiing, try to find a good advice from your friends and analyze your style. I'm sure you wouldn’t be disappointed, and believe me this is for your own good. However, you’ll find out small mistakes and correcting them will make you feel better. This is the best way to perform your skills. Pleasure which you'll experience when improving, makes a brake with friends in the sun at 3000m altitude more effective. Record your style of skiing and analyze it at home. If you get used to paying attention to small mistakes your progress is guaranteed and you will almost certainly always be looking forward to a new skiing weekend.

      We suggest the following tips:                                                                                                           

Skiing tip 4

Skiing tip 1

Skiing tips - Intermediate


Choose a blue or a green run for practicing new tricks and for correcting your style.

Skiing tips - Intermediate


Your safety will be endangered if you aren't focused.

Skiing tip 2

Skiing tips - Intermediate


Recognize your limits.


Never go on a difficult run if you are feeling exhausted, especially at the end of the day.

Skiing tip 3

Skiing tips - Intermediate


Be careful when the weather is bad or when the temperature is low.


Skiing activities on low temperature (-10 to -15 degrees or lower) have different rules from other weather conditions. After you come down from a ski lift your muscles are definitely cold, which means, in these conditions for every descent down the slope you need some warming up at the beginning of the slope. Ski carefully about 2 to 3 hundred meters to warm up your muscles.                                                                                                                            

Skiing tip 5

Skiing tips - intermediate


Pay attention to the beginners at the slope.