Skiing tips

Skiing tip 3

Skiing tips for beginners


Try to learn how to fall down without injuries.




       I suggest this step because, at the beginning, your stability in skis is minor which means you very often finish your lesson down on the snow. If you know how to fall down you will be safe. A 'fall-down lesson' is very simple; you only need to fall-down on your hip, then on your thigh and your shoulder. Repeat it several times and be careful when hitting the ground. Try it with sense and release your body slowly. At the end of a lesson you might fall without injuries or pain after you start skiing faster just before you lose control of your desired skiing direction. You will realise the importance of this step when someone falls right in front of you or when you lose control over your skis near trees or at a bigger slope just around the corner. In this case the best option is a sudden turn on the other side, but at this stage you probably haven’t got enough skills to do that. You definitely risk from falling down (hitting something or into something/someone) or injuring yourself. If you use the 'fall-down lesson' you could avoid a crash or a bigger slope and more importantly avoid falling down and injuring yourself.


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