Skiing Tips

"Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

   But wisdom comes by putting things together. "

                        – John A. Morrison

Save yourself from injuries - BEGINNERS

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     Although it doesn’t look like it, but this is the most complicated part. For a really productive and efficient advice you shouldn’t agree with all suggestions you got during your preliminary course. Not because you heard from your instructor something wrong but maybe you simply aren’t ready for that step. You just need more time and he/she doesn’t notice that. Evan more, some of these could slow down your start. I will try to suggest solutions for different groups of beginners and for the people who want to try to control fear. 


     Ski instructors are very important adults in the lives of their students, who will remember them, not just because they taught them how  to ski, but rather by how they did it, how they treated them, whether they inspired them, loved them and respected them.