Skiing tips

Skiing tip 1

Skiing tips - Preamble


Warm up before you start.




       Firstly, you should do your first exercise early in the morning when you get up from your bed and before your breakfast. 10 to 15 minutes will be enough. A body that is warmed up is essential to save us from falls and injuries. After that, start any physical exercise when you get to the top of a hill. This is very important because you have now all equipment under your body and you have to feel comfortable with all these parts, straps, gloves, jacket, ski boots, etc.Secondly, start your ski workout with a few slow drifts just to make your blood run through your muscles. Usually 1000 meters (or 1-2 ski lifts) are enough to make you warm. Start very lightly and increase the pace gradually. If you feel you need a few more of these drifts to get ready for the hard part of skiing during the day, take the time to warm up a bit longer. That way you will make your body ready to get going without getting injured, but not only that. The performance you will be able to put forward in the following workouts and exercises will depend upon how well the warm up was done. I usually add some ski drills during the warm up to get the right feeling of the snow and my body. That depends on snow conditions, weather and it's different from one day to another of your vacation, or during the season.


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