Several possibilities could be a reason for that. For example, you need more time than he/she could give you, he/she has more beginners than he can take, you or your child have some specific problem which requires extra time etc. His specialty is not questioned but his work isn’t as good as you expect. Whether you have the whole winter (your kids perhaps) or just a week, a few lessons with a good instructor adequate for you, can make the difference between a successful learning of new skiing skills and a frustrating practicing in disappointment and risk through fatigue.



         Ski instructors are very important adults in the lives of their students, who will remember them, not just because they taught them how  to ski, but rather by how they did it, how they treated them, whether they inspired them, loved them and respected them.

Skiing tips

Skiing tip 5

Skiing tips for beginners


If you don’t feel any progress, change your ski instructor.



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