Advanced skiers have already picked up many tricks and improved their skiing. They are the most experienced skiers on mountains and should observe all skiers on a slope and have full overview. This could prevent some accidents. Advanced category of skiers already gained better senses for the slope base, different quality of snow, combination of ice, powder or muddy slopes, weather conditions. However, sometimes we need to have 'eyes on our back' to avoid an accident. A skier who loses control is close to the slope sometimes, and you should be careful. Especially, when you are in front of a tight, icy part of a fast slope with skiers around.


         Experienced skiers need to be at risk in order to experience satisfaction, to improve their skills and for that boost of adrenalin. However, they become better than others when they control a tough situation, consider a risk and take just as much as they can overcome. We call them skilled, advanced and professional.

         In reality, senses and capability of avoiding an accident makes you an advanced and skilled skier in comparison with the others. As you notice, we could be all of that and take care of ourselves and the others at the same time. Only when a skier understands that, he/she actually becomes experienced, adrenalin dependent, but wise for always keeping safety deep in their mind. 

 'Be wise, choose safety and enjoy more'.




Skiing tips

Skiing tip 5

Skiing tips for advanced


The Advanced skiers 

Pay attention to every skier on the slope and have a good visibility;                    



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