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       Why is the combination of these two sports excellent?



      By analysing skiing and windsurfing, a great similarity has been noted in body moves and positions. A good skier can easily and rapidly learn to surf. Good motor capabilities and maintaining balance are common to both sports.

     Skiing and windsurfing are complementary sports, useful to both types of athletes for maintaining the level of their fitness in low season.       

     With only the first steps, a beginner in skiing learns to keep his balance overcoming external forces, gravity and centrifugal force, which depend on the position of the body to the ground, speed and turning radius.

     A beginner in windsurfing also first learns how to keep his balance towards external forces, in this case the wind. The speed of wind creates the moment of force the same way as gravity does in skiing. Gravity pushes a skier downhill, and the wind pulls the board through water.

    Advanced surfers know how to increase the speed by using the power of wind. Some turns and jumps require a higher speed. Like skiers seeking to connect turns into an ever more fluid ride, surfers tend to do the same thing by maintaining their speed in turns. The focus of surfers in turns shifts to the centre of rotation in order to overcome the centrifugal force and in the same manner skiers overcome this force, i.e. by moving the focus towards the centre of a turn. Interesting? Skiers, are you motivated to try windsurfing or perhaps . . hm are you surfers going to the mountains to enjoy skiing? Now that I am getting into surfing as a pro skier, trust me I realise it’s worth it.


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