Ski technology - Development of carving ski technique

Significant changes in the geometry of skis _ the appearance of carving



        As of 1987 the way of skiing and the geometry of skis gradually started to change. These changes began with Alberto Tomba and his brilliant series of victories and impressive way of skiing. Skis that Tomba used were specially designed for him and were made in the Rossignol factory as a result of their mutual cooperation. With his comments and observations regarding ski performance, he gave ski constructors directions as to what they should focus their research efforts on, although initially his victories were attributed to his physical structure – the power that he possessed, as well as to his reflexes and explosiveness. The success of Rossignol in cooperation with Alberto Tomba incited other manufacturers to start intense research activities and created a competition among them that we are witnessing today.


Already in 1991-1992 French Dynastar celebrated eight victories of Marc Girardelli who drove their skis. The geometry of this ski had a distinct waist (89—63—79 mm) as opposed to the previous one (83—63—75 mm).


Already in 1997 the waist of skis was more prominent and the width was 99—61—87 mm. That is when the period of intensive shortening of ski length starts. Shortly thereafter starts a modification of recreational skis intended for the market in line with these new findings tested in competitions.


         We should also add that besides the reduction of ski length and the modification of width, the geometry of skis and the shape of lateral arch are also changing. Great attention of constructors during the period of design and production of skis is focused on mutual harmonisation: longitudinal hardness, torsional rigidity and the radius of skis. With this we define the shape of side edges’ parabola, whereas the quality of skis depends mostly on harmonisation.

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