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   Ski technology has advanced drastically during the last two decades. Slalom racing skis are shorter every year. All-mountain skis have good versatility for all skiing techniques, whilst other ski models for deep snow and rough terrain have gone through an evolution as well, etc. Choosing compatible skis for your needs is the most important part of skiing. By selecting the right pair of skis you become a satisfactory skier easier than you expect. If you are aware of your possibilities without inconvenience and fear you prepare yourself to move forward. Know your skiing range and limitations before you start looking for skis and other parts of equipment. Why is that so important? The answer is very simple, for your safety and for a faster progress. Even if you are a recreational (intermediate ) skier with many skills and knowledge, keep thinking about your level of skiing. Sometimes it is necessary to consider several things for your safety; for example try to replace older models of bindings with the new ones, keeping your equipment up to date, and adjust your skis to your level of skiing. Every part of equipment is important and has a number of purposes, but individually they all have their specialties. The right ski bindings are essential to your safe skiing. The right choice of skis enables your progress and appropriate boots protect you from pain and make your skiing enjoyable and comfortable. We could make the right choice when buying skis by reading about different models from different manufacturers or by listening our instructors or experts, but the best way is to try them on. Every renowned company offers you a possibility to try their new models over a 'testing weekend' in the season. If you follow commercials or advertisements you might find details. If you know a lot, consult an expert and try the model of your choice which would meet all your desires. You can find some advices about it on selection of skis.

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