Ski balance - How to achieve and keep it

     When we talk about skiing, balance depends on the four outside forces and they reflect the connection of our body and the environment.


Body weight – Body weight is a force by which body mass affects the base as a result of gravitational speed with two components, slide and pressure component;


Force of friction – as opposite to slide component;


Resistance force – as a component of snow and air resistance;


Force of inertia – is reflected in the opposition to a change of speed or direction of skier’s movement. Centrifugal force is a reactive force by which the body mass opposes the change of direction so that the centrifugal force is created at every new turn. Given that inertia is a body characteristic, the position of activity of all forces of inertia, including the centrifugal force, is placed in the center of body gravity, i.e. in the center of the mass.

You can tell that the center of body gravity is in the lower part of the venter.


About your balance, posture and movements.


     They are major subjects to improve the accuracy, consistency and versatility of our performance. They will help us make our ski performance much more stable and reliable. Centered balance as a very priority is a sweet spot on each ski, a place to balance, a place to be.

Your number one priority, as a skier, is to find this place on each ski, so that you can become familiar with it, balance upon it, press through it and pivot about it. If you take a look at your ski, you will find that there is an index mark, either on the sidewall, or on the top surface, somewhere near the point where the centre of your boot would be. 

    Why is this place so important?

    A ski is a compound spring, just like a modern archer's bow. The front portion of the ski is longer, more flexible and more easily twisted than the rear portion of the ski, which, of course, is shorter, stiffer and less easily twisted than the fore body. A modern ski is very carefully designed so that these qualities balance each other, to give very efficient, effective and predictable results. The index mark shows the effective centre of this compound spring.


   Beginners often have trouble staying on the skis (or windsurfing board). They will find it much easier to stay on them, once they know what these balances are and how to keep them.


   Find and keep your balances and enjoy life. 





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