Overcoming fear


                         'We do not need to be changed or fixed, just think differently.

                          To do this, we need to erase the fears that build the barriers.'

                                                                                  – Arnie Thomas



       I got the courage up for the windsurfing fuss only after overcoming these steps and uncovering the effects of the wind speed changes on my stability at the board. The rules of behavior in a crowd are specific, but everyone does the same thing, so that with the attention of everyone this behavior actually sharpens our routine and our feeling for it.  

      After some time, the bypassing actually became fun and the crowd even became advantageous. Taking all these factors in consideration such as: the wind, the open sea, the waves, the place on shore where I should return and other surfers, their speed and course; made learning very dynamic and interesting. The fun would come to its peak in case you barely succeed to avoid contact with someone, who is also a beginner without experience like you. You are slowly overcome by laughter and your internal pleasure starts to rise constantly. All of this in the end turns into something amazing. My fears slowly disappeared together with the rise of self-confidence and my ability to manage the sail. The success became complete when I overcame the lecture of bypassing a ship in a similarly unpleasant situation. It was too close to me and I was the one who had to slow down and let it pass by. I managed to slow down and practically stop on the high seas (the sail was parallel to the speed of wind, in its initial position  :) ), wait for the ship to pass and continue my way. The waves created by the ship passing by seriously tested my abilities at the time. I didn’t fall down into the sea and the turn I had to make later was one of the most demanding and also one of the most effective for my self-confidence. Only one thought went through my mind...I just conquered one of my biggest blockades without retreat or a panic release of the boom and jump into the sea. It was incredible!














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