Overcoming fear


                          'We do not need to be changed or fixed, just think differently.

                           To do this, we need to erase the fears that build the barriers.'

                                                                                  – Arnie Thomas



        Fear is a normal and essential emotion. For many people, however, fear is overwhelming and keeps them in a place of inaction. They in essence become like a deer in head lights. Unable to make essential decisions or get what they want in their lives, because their fear holds them back. Although some fear is essential to our survival, many of our fears are simply the result of our thoughts. A large majority of our fears come from our thoughts that are self perpetuating and are often not totally in line with reality. It’s normal to feel anxiety or fear when attempting to make a change and enter the unknown. By facing your fears, they will help you to prepare accordingly. Your fears will serve you to improve any skills you need to make that move. Get out there and practice. You’ll be prepared for any falls. Now, that you’re in control of your fear, you will keep moving forward towards your goal.
















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Overcoming fear

Tips for overcoming fear