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    Cycling is one of the sports and recreational branches that positively affect human health and body development. By riding a bike, we activate the cardio-vascular system, as well as a large group of muscles, which contributes to our health and psycho-physical development. Whether you do cycling as an amateur or as a professional, you will have multiple benefits for your health through these activities. There are several types of cycling, but we will primarily focus on mountain biking (MTB). The most important thing is that the safety of cycling through mountain trails is probably higher than on the road, where the chance of a crash of unscrupulous riders is very high. Certainly, wearing a helmet is mandatory.

    Mountain biking allows us to experience an unforgettable adventure with beautiful natural surroundings. The combination of cycling and hiking, as well as staying in pure nature, is a specific experience which provides a special thrill and a hard ride through mountain trails, but also the excellent views from mountain peaks and a ride through floral meadows and goat trails. Various obstacles, such as rocks of timber only reinforce the positive effect. Adrenalin addicts will find so much there for themselves...

     It is practically almost impossible to prepare for a new ski season without taking an occasional bike ride through a forest environment. Mountain biking has been going through a huge expansion for years and it is becoming indispensable for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. To begin with, we recommend a ride through some specially designed trails or a smaller climb up a nearby hill. The benefits of such a preparation for a ski season are vast, from cardio-vascular activities to strengthening leg muscles and doses of adrenalin that will grow over time. It is also worth mentioning the important fact that mountain biking does not pollute the environment.





Recommended to see:


    Tröpolach Lift & Bike Giro, Take the lift up, ride your bike down.

(on the border between Italy and Austria). 

    The bottom station of the "Millennium Express" lift in Tröpolach is the starting point for a unique MTB (mountain bike) adventure which begins with a journey up to the top of the mountain using the state-of-the-art cable car. After arriving at the top, it is time to get off and take your bike with you in preparation for the 11.7 km descent back into the valley along a gravel trail requiring a good level of fitness and upper-arm strength.

Also, numerous hiking trails, caters for all ages and fitness levels will not leave you indifferent.  







Maximum heart rate can easily be measured in the following way:

220 beats per minute minus your age = your maximum heart rate.




Mountain biking

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