Wermont, one of the most beautiful places - skiing article

Tree area, snow and beauty. What more you can wish for...

Skiing articles

Wilderness, beauty and peacefulness

Deep snow, looks luring.


      Vermont, home to the Green Mountains, is an iconic state for New England skiers and snowboarders and is perhaps the Ski Capital of the Eastern United States.

      Magic Mountain is for skiers and riders who want to challenge themselves on its legendary expert trails and off-piste glades. These are real black diamonds, with real snow, real steeps, and real obstacles to overcome.

Skiing articles

Tree area, snow and front side slopes

While we injoy through front side slopes and marked pistes.


      Killington, the most ski terrain in Vermont, provides skiers and riders of all ability levels a choice of wide-open groomed cruisers, narrow classic New England runs, moguls, steeps and trees. The mountain of this resort is situated on glaciers and it dates back five hundred million years ago. It is older than the Rockies, Alps and Himalayas. The seven peaks of Killington have made it Vermont's largest ski resort.

      Mount Snow is Vermont's closest major resort to people living in and around with four maintains faces (The North Face is home to Mount Snow's most challenging terrain with 10 black diamond trails and some of the steepest terrain in New England).

And dozens of others…

Tree area, great ski challenges



      Very often we choose to go off path, into deep snow or tree area, because we think its easy. Moreover, we think that only then we can feel the adrenalin and the pleasure of skiing, just like professionals. In that enviroment posibility for mistakes and injuries drastically increase. Read about it and be wise...














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