Portillo, one of the most beautiful places

Deep snow and beauty. What more you can wish for...

Skiing in Portillo



      Located in Valparaíso Region, 164 km away from Santiago and 2.860 m above the sea level, Portillo Ski Resort is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and famous ski centers in Chile. The highest mountain in the western hemisphere, Aconcagua, is just over the ridge.  



       Portillo (2512-3348m) is also famous for the incredible quality of snow and offers the best conditions during summer and autumn preparation periods for ski teams. It is simply impossible to find such a quality of snow in September or October in any other place in the world! Such conditions enable professional skiers to train in conditions that are very similar to the ones they experience during the winter season on FIS ski races and slopes. For this reason, Portillo is a must for major ski teams to prepare for a ski season and these teams such as Austrian, the USA, Italian, German or Canadian teams expect the most from their ski competitors …(last year the Austrian and U.S. Olympic teams trained here). Lindsay Vonn made her first serious preparation steps on skies in September 2013, after the big fall in the winter of 2013.

      You can find a snow-made system, a lake called Laguna del Inca, and several dozen of snow powder fields for heliskiing, snowboarding and with incredible opportunities for off-piste skiing (with a guide in the beginning!). Portillo is truly one of the world's most unique and special ski destinations. Expert skiers have access to spacious and challenging areas and slant terrain for experiences only. There is no town there, just a wonderful, old hotel near the lake high in the Andes. A peculiarity is that there is practically no possibility for your child to get lost and this gives a special friendly charm to the mountain. Today, with more than 50 years of history, Portillo has the same snow quality and beautiful surroundings that charmed the first visitors of the area. There is one hotel offering various types of rooms and everything else one may need, except the arrival of a large number of people at the same moment, which in fact is a major problem to professional skiers, because it is necessary to book the accommodation much in advance (as it can accommodate only 450 people at one moment). Perhaps that is the reason for the magic offered by this totally independent and isolated mountain area. There are no towns, shopping areas, high-priced tickets…just incredible opportunities and family atmosphere. If we add to that the breath taking beauty contributed by the Andean surroundings, we get a ski vacation of a lifetime.

  The season usually begins in the middle of June and lasts until October. Communications are better today, and Ski resort Portillo has now a fat fiber-optic cable and an outside telephone line.

Portillo - golden history
        In the World of skiing Portillo has a golden history. The celebrated skier Jean-Claude Killy won his first gold medals here, in 1966. The famous Kilometro Lanzado, home to three speed skiing trial records. First in 1963, when Dick Dorworth and C.B. Vaughn skied 171.428 KPh; 1978, when Steve McKinney broke the barrier of 200 KPh; and 1987, when Michael Prufer ran 217.68 KPh. Four former gold medalists have led Portillo's Ski School in the past.