Control your fear

       Do you feel suppressed by your fears? If you wish to improve some of the spheres of your life, you have got to overcome your fears. Athletes on snow or ice are a perfect example of people who overcome their fears on a daily basis. Fear is the feeling that stimulates the release of adrenalin into our bloodstream. In order to protect ourselves, we switch on the mechanism of “fight or flight” and our bodies prepare for an action. The rush of adrenalin in sports and other competitive environments is usually not caused by fear of danger, but of a mixture of anticipation and excitement. Athletes exercise daily to manage these emotions positively in order to improve their results. Athletes do not deal with fear - they use their fear to help them succeed.

   If you are wondering how this knowledge can help you in achieving your goals, here’s what I think. In your mind training, readiness and work plan will enable you to override all negative emotions that stand in your way. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from brain training techniques. There are things in everyday life that we would like to do, but we do not, because the fear of failure is too big.

   Make a list of the worst things that can happen if you fail. This will allow you to better see and realise that you have no idea what you are still waiting for in fact. Things usually seem much worse than they really are and often the reason for them is too much imagination or thinking about a new challenge that we wish to perform.

   Many athletes will tell you that the inside is more important than the physical aspect in sports and that believing in yourself is one of the keys to achieving your dreams. The feeling that you have no control often stirs negative emotions. If you have constantly been starting and putting off with working on your body and on new sport challenges, you might want to try with a positive internal approach. Do not let your fears of failure get in your way to success. It is better to try and fail than never to have even tried.

    On you will find plenty of real-life situations that we all at least occasionally encounter in life. Read them and you will at least be convinced that we all have the same or similar problems. Of course you will probably solve at least some, whereas for some you might manage to get the positive approach within yourselves, which will inspire you to continue on your journey of health. Setting a clear goal will give you the control necessary for success.










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