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       Lake Garda is located in northern Italy, on the border of Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Due to its natural beauty, impressive scenery and reliable thermal winds, Lake Garda is one of the most popular windsurfing spots in Europe. Important companies have opened Italian and European branch offices on the banks of Lake Garda. The Lake Garda is a true outdoor sports center where all kind of actual sports can be practiced and enjoyed. This fact is confirmed by the many tourists that visit the unbelievably ambient and explore their opportunities on the banks of the Lake Garda, both on water or on the surrounding hills and mountains.

    The town Riva del Garda (Lombardia), which is almost on sea level (only 70m above), is located at the southern edge of the Italian Alps, near the Dolomites. It has a number of windsurfing schools around, which is guarantee excellence. Windsurfing champions run most of them.

    Taking the Gardesana road east, about 5 kilometres south of Torbole sul Garda is the Veneto shore of Lake Garda. At Malcesine, you'll find many tourists and windsurfing places.

    Surfer beaches are all marked. There surfers slip into their dry suits, then hit the waves formed by the northerly Pelèr wind with squalls of between 20 and 30 knots (Link toward Beaufort scale). The waves are so tall you can even jump with the board, and it is almost like being at sea. This is the only place where you can really fly over the waves. Surfers sail from one side of the Lake Garda to the other with stunning turns and sails large enough for athletes with endurance. This is made possible by two main winds: the Pelèr strong north-to-south thrilling challenge, and the Ora, south-to-north gentle blow. The Ora usually reaches around 4-5 Beaufort ( Link toward Wind and Storm) on the northern part of Garda Lake near Torbole and Riva. The Vento (also called Pelèr) is a northern wind which blows early in the morning. During the night the mountains cool off and the warm air retreats to the Po valley in the south.

A difference in temperature between the cold mountains and the warm valley creates this wind, which flows southward through the Lake Garda valley. The Vento can reach up to 6-7 Beaufort. It loses in strength as the sun heats up the mountains. So you have to get up early, if you want to catch the Vento.

     Beginners can join courses to learn or improve techniques and everybody can rent the necessary to practice this amazing sport. Coming from all Europe, young and older people meet along lake's waters, giving life to an incredible wind and sail brotherhood. Summer is a period when thousands of enthusiasts are gathered at the lake and its surroundings to satisfy their senses and enjoy the diverse sport interests through a variety of activities.

     Let’s say a few words about other sport activities here.

At the lake there are yachts of all sizes, mountains waiting to be conquered using any means, from bikes to hikes along special trails or Canyoning (climbing in canyons with rapids, waterfalls and lakes), are the most constituent of your arriving. It is suggested to try these Canyoning Adventures in Torbole, which will even take confident beginners down intermediate canyons. Incredible shapes have been patiently sculpted by the incessant flow of water, creating breath-taking sculptures in a spectacular setting. As you see, sports as walking, swimming or climbing are also achievable, but our favourites are the snowy slopes worthy of the most famous winter ski resorts (Dolomites and incredible Sella Ronda). Just around first line of mountains :)


    The lake Garda is also famous for its Italian Language Summer Courses, when foreign students from all over the world come together to enjoy the most fabulous scenery, good food and hospitality of the local population. One of such courses is organised in Gargnano, situated on the western shore of Lake Garda. Gargnano surely still retains the charm and appeal it once had, as it is still far enough from the more cosmopolitan southern area.

    David Herbert Lawrence, a celebrated English poet and writer, wrote during his stay in Gargnano “In the morning, I often lie in bed and watch the sunrise. The lake lies dim and milky, the mountains are dark blue at the back, while over them the sky gushes and glistens with light. At a certain place, on the mountain ridge, the light burns gold....”. (quote from “Twilight in Italy”)



    Durante il periodo estivo le acque del Garda si colorano delle tinte più sgargianti: migliaia di coloratissimi e sfreccianti windsurf solcano le acque del lago dando vita ad uno spettacolo senza pari. Per i meno esperti numerosi sono i corsi che vengono attivati per imparare le migliori tecniche in tutta sicurezza, avendo inoltre la possibilità di affittare l'equipaggiamento necessario per poter praticare questo divertentissimo sport.

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