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    LACTATES ( lactic acid salts )



     Represent an intermediate product of energy transfer and are released through aerobic glucose when aerobic energy cannot provide enough energy. They can significantly “burden our legs” and make our active mountain vacation a painful and bad experience.

     Lactates are a huge problem during day-long physical activities. Skiing is a sport that cannot avoid the accumulation of lactate in muscles, but it can reduce it to its minimum. This is essential for a proper assessment of a daily physical activity and thereby for a predication of recovery period (i.e. impact of metabolic systems). It is important to keep exercising the activities in aerobic energy regime during daily skiing activities (under the anaerobic threshold). Surely, there are various tricks that skiers use to accelerate the recovery period, such as baking soda or night sauna after a day of skiing . . .  :)

     It should be understood that these are, however, “tricks” and that their possibility of “casting out” lactate in a short period of vacation is very limited. The only right way is by dosing load during the day and by preventing their creation and accumulation in muscles in general. Since every day on a mountain is precious to us, we have to keep our muscles from inflammation and accumulation of salts and lactic acid (lactate) by a proper approach. This is achieved by dosing the load from day to day and certainly not by forcing activities during the first few days of our arrival to the mountain. Abiding by this rule, every new day is better than the previous one and our sports wisdom expands.


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