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Jem Hall - Light wind moves

This is an excellent move to learn. Primarily, it is a very useful move, but it also has excellent skills transference to many other moves. So why do we do it? Its great in light winds and is often said to be easier than a regular tack when the board is going slow, e.g. on the inside in waves. The move also retains power in the sail and, therefore, keeps the nose afloat, which is very handy on sinkier boards.

Front to sail sailing. Straighten your front arm and control the power of the sail with your back arm. Look where you want to go. We need to assess our point of sailing and use our head to take the board to where we want it to go. By looking forwards whilst front to sail you can stay on track. Remain looking forwards through the sail flip. Rig away. Keeping the rig away will enable you to control the sails power and take the weight out of the flip.

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