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Jem Hall - Duck Gybe

You will need a good planing stance and to be carving through about 50% of your gybes. Having experience of ducking a rig from doing light wind freestyle will significantly increase the likelihood of successful completion.

Hanging off the boom and fast broad reach entrances to gybesDucking the sail on dry land in very light or no windSail 360s on a floaty board in light winds.Fundamentals Rig away – maintaining this through the phases of setting up, carving and the exit will keep the board speed up as your weight will be on the rig and the board will be kept flat; another key fundamental. Look where you want to go – This really is the top tip of the move. We are looking downwind on the entrance. During the duck we are looking at the exit in order to smoothly take the board through the move and to the exit point of sail.

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