February 28, 2016

Ski school for beginners to advanced

When doing a basic turn, in the initial position, which is also the central transitional position, a skier is on the skis that are parallel and hip-width apart. A skier moves obliquely . . .

February 05, 2015

Applying resistance

in the carving ski technique 

With the carving technique, we use resistance in a slightly different way, because we use the geometry of skis to change direction, whereby skis do not have traction. . .

March 12, 2015

Parallel turns - phases of turns

The transitional phase begins by reducing the edging angle when a skier wants to make the following turn, but ends by setting the skis on opposite edges. . .

November 08, 2014

Ski performance _ Members area

When changing direction, a ski can be exposed to a great pressure under the force that reaches even 3G ! In order for a ski to function well under such a load, it must be adequately distributed along the entire ski. This is only possible under the condition that . . .

July 13, 2014

Ski Dynamic balance

If the weight of the body is in

the ‘right’ position, you can

feel the pressure on the

lower leg on the front side

of the boot . . .

april 24, 2014

Motivation for surfing and skiing

 Don’t let the lack of knowledge

about a sport take you away

from it. Read about sports

challenges . . . 

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sport challenges

"Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

   But wisdom comes by putting things together. "

                              - John A. Morrison



  Hello everyone.

       I've been skiing all my life, which means for over thirty years and I have many things to share about this amassing sport. Over that period I have managed to bring together a number of practical skiing tips that I would like to share with you. The purpose of the site would be to get people interested in sports and in the healthy way of life. I hope you are one of those who share my aspirations and who can understand the importance of sports and realise all their benefits. Let’s get together in respecting the nature and using it for our peacefulness.

      I would remind you about the importance of being in a good shape and surrounded by nature. Skiing offers both. So, don’t waste your time, have fun and uncover the secrets of skiing. We offer you on www.sportandwisdom.com  a good opportunity to get into it and to start enjoying yourself. If you don't have any serious health problems, try to recognize your secret wishes (I’m sure you have plenty of them), and experience the beauty of skiing. Your motive could be, 'my family and I worked so hard this year and we have to get away and spend a week skiing'. I hope this will help you find your new favourite hobby. Otherwise, read the page articles with various stories about motivation and sport challenges. In the articles we will write stories about sports, motivation and practical experiences (as windsurfing, rafting, aerobic trening etc...). We will try to change your different thoughts about fears and uncomfortable situations caused by unknown sport challenges.

      Useful tips and stories about everything to do with skiing, ski equipment and mountain vacations through the Alps would come handy to an experienced sportsman. However, you too might find interesting the site pages articles, and you will probably not be disappointed.

      I'm trying to classify skiers in different categories to make it easier for everyone to follow, although there are many common features. All of these categories will have practical tips and recommendations which might help you even though you know a lot already. A wise man never stops asking questions.


     This is where our joint journey through secrets and traps of modern skiing can start. I prefer safe skiing and my first text will be devoted to achieving the basic level of safety and enjoying at the same time. Once you overcome the basic level go to the next one until you practice through all levels on www.sportandwisdom.com. There you can read some useful information and please feel free to contact us with any of your comments or experiences on sportandwisdom.com@yahoo.com . All your suggestions are welcome.


     Read www.sportandwisdom.com and enjoy

Assemble your puzzle....

...Frame your mosaic

and your experience will grow


Achieve life with motivation and without stress by skiing or by choosing any other sport challenge. Exchange your experience. 
Retrieve a happier and healthier way of living."