Follow your desires - Windsurfing articles   part III

The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation,

willingness, hard work and how to keep them up. (windsurfing passion)



     You may want to quit, but if you are on the open sea, alone, in the water, with your sail sink in the sea, that desperate situation motivates you to move on. You try more and more attempts to get your sail out of the water and you try to control the wind to get back on shore. In the meantime, your position changes but you must find the same objective on the coast and get there. The sea stream moves you and your equipment all the time in an undesired direction. You have to use the wind very soon after you fall into the water unless you want to lose your chance to get back. As you see, depending on the strength of the wind and the height of the waves you could say 'that is an easy and fine sport' or rather that ‘it can be so unpredictable and difficult'! The strength of the wind is the key.


windsurfing  passion

        Secondly, the level of your knowledge about surfing and your natural talent make a whole situation on the sea much easier. Every progress realizes your sense and you are enjoying yourself more.   

       Finally, I would say something about windsurfing in general. It puts together three different things in one; sport, art and fun. It's your choice! I think after my explanation you understand why. Everything you do at the sea is some kind of art as I see it. Unbelievable ambient puts you in a different dimension and you can’t resist. Such an environment gives you an inspiration to feel enjoyable senses. If you choose easier conditions you could enjoy immediately after you learn basics unless you choose a hard environment and you feel pain for sure. I call it 'the pain that pays off!' The pleasure you feel while steering, after you win in that game with the wind and the sea, is remarkable. Amazing passion comes over you and positive energy begins to flow through your mind! You hardly get a small warning from your consciousness about difficulties and danger but after all, you just smile……If you ask me, 'What are you most likely to bring home?' My answer would be: 'I don’t want to bring up with me after my vacations some souvenirs from airports, expansive stuff, perfumes or arts and crafts made by the locals. I want to take with me only this smile! It's so precious…' I could say only one thing, 'it's extremely amazing!'

windsurfing  passion

   Someone who recognizes motivation and is capable of following ones desires could do anything. Don’t forget the rules, instructors or your safety and of course, be wise. I hope it's enough for motivation, unless you've already decide to try this challenge.

   To be continued …hmm, I'll be able to write more about that sport next summer…


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Windsurfing basics - information 

High wind ( >12 Mph) sailing

You've had many great days sailing. You can steer, tack, and jibe. One day the winds appears a little stronger, there are a few white caps on the water. No problem, you're cool. Then, wap! Every time you start up you seem to get slammed. Welcome to the 12 knot barrier.

Windsurfing basics

There are a few tricks to sailing in higher winds. On flat water, it doesn't matter too much if your knees are bent, but in bumpy water if your knees aren't bent when you are starting, you will surely fall. The word in higher wind is think, think, think.

Windsurfing basics - wind

As you move faster through the water, you will have to move further back on the board to keep the board level.

Windsurfing basics - information

Get a smaller sail. Remember, sail size depends on your weight and the wind speed. A sail that is too big for the wind will actually go slower than a sail that is the correct size (no matter what your skill level). One of the reasons that advanced windsurfers like high winds is that they can use smaller (and easier to handle) sails.

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