The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation, willingness, hard work and how to keep them up. Here is the story!


      I decided to learn how to surf and experience the wind at an open sea. That happened about four years ago. I knew I was kind of too old to start something completely new and practice a sport I knew nothing about, but it was my passion and desire ever since I was a teenager. I said to my friends 'I'm going on vacation next week and I need your recommendations about my new challenge, could I learn to windsurf in my age? '. Their answer was: 'Obviously, you must try to, but we don’t believe in your success about windsurfing. You won't enjoy a lot and probably you will be disappointed because it's too hard. At least, try to find a place where you can feel the sun, the sea and the good wind every day of your vacation. You have several options of going to the Lake Garda, Brazil, Greece, French coast or…hmm, California !'

     Nevertheless, after I made my decision, I learnt about windsurfing a lot over the internet and from books. I had read about a growing passion for surfing once, but I had never believed in it until then. You really feel as if you can touch the sky even if you are at the zero level of altitude as opposed to climbing up a 3000m high mountain. You can imagine my surprise of a passionate skier and someone who loves mountains. I felt like I was bitten and infected with some new, unknown senses and I didn’t know how to cope with them. I wanted to surf all the time and tried to do it again and again!

     In the text that follows, I decided to describe just a few basic technical issues about windsurfing which are very important and which you easily skip at your first training classes because you think about millions of other things.


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