The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation, will, hard work and how to keep it. Here is the story.


      As a beginner, I was too worried about how to hold on to my boom in an upright position during several first classes, and although my instructor told me all these things before, I ended up realizing them only later. It would have been useful if I had read about it before in order to better prepare myself for the sea. Already the second day, my passion grew even stronger so whoever talked about windsurfing at the beach I couldn’t help myself but listen to some more instructions given to small groups of people about special turns up or down the wind.


     The 'tack' turn, which I had known very well even before, became my new challenge when I found out how hard it could be to do it when the wind was high and the waves become bigger as a result. Those two facts combined together were so difficult to overcome. For both of them you must use all your skills and strength at that special moment. I was previously instructed how to handle gust, I tried to observe other surfers from the coast, but when I tried to find my own way to beat both, the wind and the waves at the same time, I failed. I was trying two or three days in a row with moderate wind and after that, I figured it.

I was impressed and I still have a lot of respect for this challenge...

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