Follow your desires - Windsurfing   part II

The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation,

willingness, hard work and how to keep them up.



"You may want to quit, but if you are on the open sea, alone, in the water, with your sail sink in the sea, that desperate situation motivates you to move on."

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          Usually, people expect to experience the dangers of windsurfing before they try it. After that, when they see how great it feels, they change their mind and recommend this adrenalin sport to the others. I feel the same and I'm wondering what would have happened, if I had tried my passion for surfing a couple of years before. I was able to change my thoughts about fears and uncomfortable situations caused by surfing. I managed to do that because I've realized it makes me so happy, but you also could have the same problem with that at the beginning. You should be focused on your motive for training. I was impressed and I still have a lot of respect for this challenge. You might think one thing or the other about surfing, but it makes you feel excellent …almost like skiing (No offense!).

Windsurfing for beginners

   You've got wind from all directions, the sea with huge waves and a very small part of your board where you can feel safe from falling down into the water, so you have to have more strength and many skills to control the whole situation. What more can anyone expect?


To be continued…


Windsurfing for beginners

About instructors,

An instructor will not be able to perform the skills for you and magically transfer them to you. He or she will simply be able to more effectively direct your own efforts, help you get a better idea of the skills you need to work on, help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls, and give you personal feedback on your present performance. The effort is all yours.

In windsurfing, specific exercises for skill development and technical information are the road maps to facilitate your journey and the instructor is the person who can help you interpret them.


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Mast Extension - the cylindrical object that joins the mast base to the bottom of the mast. The mast extension inserts into the bottom of the mast, and clicks onto the mast base

Mast base and extension

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Mast - the flexible pole that provides the main structure of the rig. Masts curve and follow the leading edge of the sail. Mast length is important, and sail requirements determine the size of mast that is to be used.

The basic structure of the windsurf board. Hull construction varies widely among different boards. Many windsurf board hulls are made from high-tech and light-weight materials such as carbon.

Surf board and hull

Windsurfing suits

Drysuits for windsurfing and kitesurfing "cold means nothing".