Follow your desires - Windsurfing part I

The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation, willingness, hard work and how to keep them up.

Sailing terms

Firstly, you must learn the sailing terms which are the most important. You should also know that you must never go alone on the open sea for surfing, especially, when you are a beginner. An instructor is obligatory! Bigger sails (over 4.5m2) can only be used at a latter stage of training when you have already learnt the basics. Sailing terms are important because surfers use them many times and in different ways to explain the role of various part of equipment when turning the sail (for a number of reasons). The picture of the sail underneath shows you all different parts of the sail which you should try to remember. As you can see for yourself it seems very simple, but it isn’t!

windsurfing equipment

The kit is divided into two parts; board and rig. The rig consists of a sail, mast and boom. Boom is a handle and a part that you hold with your hands. It is labelled, as shown on the pictures. At the place where it attaches to the mast, boom has a few positions depending on a method of surfing. You could set the position you need with a little lever. It surrounds the sail and the 'mast' and this gives you a possibility to change sides while surfing. However, you must also pay attention to the ′fin′ (and the centreboard) on your surf board (some models have more than one fin). With this part under the water you navigate and it is very sensitive to a stroke when you are at the beach. It has a possibility of being moved and/or infiltrated into the board. You must be careful with it when you carry the whole equipment into the water and, of course, when getting out of the water. Pay attention on choosing the right board. For a beginner your board should have your bodyweight + 40 litres as a good amount. Of course, the wind is the most important aspect of windsurfing and it is the very reason why people enjoy windsurfing.

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Motivation for windsurfing

Someone who recognizes motivation and is capable of following ones desires could do anything.

Sailing terms

Jim Drake

Don’t forget the rules, instructors or your safety and of course, be wise...

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windsurfing information

windsurfing learn - windsurfing articles

Surf board and the centreboard. It has a possibility of being moved and/or infiltrated into the board.

windsurfing learn

When you feel the wind and when you control your sail, despite the wind

course,you feel unbelievably happy.

I'm telling you all this stuff as if I’m trying persuade you to try :)


To be continued...



Centreboard (dagger-board)- the center fin or foil that provides stability and easier upwind sailing. Dagger-boards are very useful for many beginners or any light wind sailor because of the efficiency of which they allow a board to sail upwind.