The intention of this article is to tell you more about motivation, will, hard work and how to keep it.


      I've read somewhere how most people comfortably sail around after a two-hour lesson. I nearly forgot, with the right equipment as the author said. Firstly, I was one of them, but I had bad equipment (lever not adjusted) and my way was harder than theirs. You must know that people learn basic steps on a weak wind (surfers call it 'Light wind ') which almost never happens. After you learn basics you have to change the conditions if you want to progress and then the problems start. You could sail in the same conditions and nobody would notice you aren't an intermediate surfer at least. You look great and you do everything all right. Likely, you won't try big waves and challenges which you could taste with the strength of the wind. If you want that you need more practicing and hard work on the sea in different conditions. That requires your strength, desire and resistance to quitting and, of course, strong muscles. Don’t forget, skill comes only later and then you might use it for effortless leisure surfing (after you learn how to comfortably and safely sail in your harness). If you choose smooth conditions nearby shore, you might call this sport 'finesse'. Some girls (who don’t put sports at the first place in their life) would find it enjoying. Moreover, they are better at learning rules and principles than men! I mean women could be successful because they are meticulous and they better adopt new challenges.

    When waves and stronger wind come, it makes a difficult situation for which you need experience and hours of practicing. Such practicing makes your figure more athletic and a number of scales on the board in difficult conditions sharpen your will and make it stronger.





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