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    Choosing skis - Part II


        What is important for our decision about skis at the beginning? Progress in ski technology makes us learn more easily and enjoy skiing, but we should also know many things about it. Some of these are essential and we have to know them. Firstly, we should pay attention to style. If we prefer slalom or giant slalom, we should choose different type of skis with completely different dimensions on top, bottom and middle part of skis. Skis for slalom have wide middle part and their length should be from 10 to 20cm lower than your height. Off-road types of skis are longer for better stability and their middle part is much wider. Naturally, front and back side of skis are also wide for off-road, downhill, all-mountain and giant slalom skis, but their width vary from one type to another, depending on particular needs. As you see, choosing the right pair of skis can be very complicated. We should read reviews for every model and pay attention on the percentage regarding their possibilities defined by their manufacturer (for example, a model can be classified with 30% for off-road skiing and 70% for arranged slope). These percentages actually define the type of skiing and terrain that particular skis are made for. Arranged slope, off-slope terrain, deep snow, hard ground or soft snow are just some that we might find being mentioned on reviews. Read about all these types and experience at least a few of them in order to be able to tell for sure whether you know a lot about them or not. Secondly, analyze your wishes! Ask yourself where you would like to ski: exclusively on an arranged slope without exploring beyond or whether you enjoy a lot more going into a deep snow and in an unarranged zone. Probably many of us prefer a combination of different conditions which means that we prefer the all-mountain ski equipment. This ski equipment is quite universal for several skiing styles, but every model has one or two special characteristics. You can ski slalom very well, but your giant slalom may show some difficulties regarding stability or giant-slalom can be perfect, but slalom wears your strength off rapidly. If you belong to those people who already have or want to buy the all-mountain pair of skis, the next thing you have to think about in order to make the right decision is what you prefer more, slalom or giant slalom. Try several models and read our reviews on some of them.



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