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      Part III - Ski test


       The production of contemporary skis has become an issue of dominance among manufacturers. Competing with one another over the improvement of performance, quality, design and other measurable and immeasurable features of specific models is becoming an imperative.

    Our reviews are a result of a desire to transfer personal impressions regarding specific ski models from practical to theoretical part and vice versa, from theory to practice. The desired objective is to overcome all aspects of modern skiing and apply new technologies aimed at improving skiing techniques and skills that we possess, as well as reaching pleasure and satisfaction. This review is directed to professional skiers who have to search continuously for new challenges and whose precious experiences can be useful to the others to improve their skiing. Tested models are not always in accordance with the level or skiing capacity of us who tested them, however that is also an integral part of the whole activity of improvement and a more complete comprehension of possibilities of particular models. Surely, differences in comprehension only demonstrate our individuality and qualities we have, as well as directions in which we would like to go forward whilst improving our modern skiing techniques. In our interest into this kind of communication and in the exchange of information, I recognise our desire to move to a higher level and, through our individual further training, to progress as a group of professional skiers as well. By doing this, I hope we will manage to maintain even in the future our glitter in the eye and our passion, originating in skiing, regardless of saturation that some of us may sometimes feel.

   Something I can notice as a trend in general is a Rocker ski form, slowly taking over the primacy when it comes to standard recreational models. I figured there must be something there after the testing described in the texts referring to several models that I pointed out further down, with a recommendation as well. This may be just an advertising trick, but it has been ongoing for several seasons already and this year almost all manufacturers have their own Rocker models. They should be taken seriously in the future.


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