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    Choosing skis - Part I



       Your decision about the right skis for you depends on a skiing range and limitations. After you determine the level and the desired progress of your skiing, you should find someone who can give you a good advice. Naturally, reading our or some other websites with similar texts might help with it. A good instructor can help you more than anyone else in case you are a beginner or a low recreational level. An intermediate or advanced skier needs to test skis in order to make a better selection. This is because they have experience and could choose better equipment for their own desire and predisposition. Someone may have made a mistake in selecting their skis, although they are a good pair, and they might decide to sell them and buy another model. If you have a possibility to try the models you like don’t waste any time. Try as many models as you can in order to gain experience. Try different models on different slopes and remember how they perform. Examine your possibility to control them. Ones you find several models which satisfy your requests only then you might choose the right model for you by price or design perhaps. After using the same skis over two or three seasons, when you feel that you’ve made some improvements, try to swap the old model or experiment with any new model. Interestingly, you will be satisfied by doing such testing and getting to know more about skis. Your friends might call you for an advice, which could be very good for your self-confidence. After all, you will be enjoying yourself a lot during these activities. As you can see, it’s a never ending story…

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