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Windsurfing videos - Jem Hall lessons

Jem Hall - Carve Gybe


  • Unhooking,hanging off the boom and fast broad reaching

  • Switching the feet and sail on dry land in very light winds

  • Light wind gybes on a floaty board

  • Clew first sailing, clew first beachstarts.


Rig away – maintaining this through all the phases of the gybe will keep the board speed up as your weight will be on the rig and the board will be kept flat; another key fundamental. Look where you want to go – This really is the top tip of the move. Look downwind on the entrance. During the foot change look out of the turn to enable shifting our weight. At the exit look forwards to keep up speed and enable a smooth transition back to full speed. Clew first sailing - Become the master of this and your carve gybe success rate will increase significantly. The hands are spread wide and down the boom with your head looking forward and the clew pulled in tight, whilst your body resists the sails power. Your sailing line will be downwind from just off a beam reach to a broad reach.

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